Terms and Conditions

The person who confirms the booking via email, over the phone or by letter agrees to take full responsibility for ensuring that all the following conditions of the let are adhered to by all members of the party.

Guests agree to the following:

01. To limit the number of people occupying the property to that stated when the booking was made, unless by prior consent with the owner.
02. To pay 25% deposit on booking , with the balance payable 5 weeks before the start of the holiday. If a booking is made less than 5 weeks before the start of the holiday please send the full rent at the time of booking, having first checked that the property of your choice can be reserved for you. Failure to pay the balance of rental charges, or allow the owner to take the balance by cheque or cash (pounds sterling) on the due date (35 days prior to arrival), will result in the owner treating the property as available for re-booking.
03. To accept that a completed booking form agreed by both parties is a binding contract and that any subsequent amendments must be agreed by both parties in writing.
04. Once a booking has been made the following charges apply to cancellation:
more than 6 months prior to start of booking – 10% of deposit
within 6 – 3 months prior to start of booking – 25% of deposit
within 3 – 2 months prior to start of booking – 50% of deposit
within 2 – 1 months prior to start of booking – 100% of deposit
within 4 – 3 weeks prior to start of booking – 50% of full cost of holiday
within 3 – 2 weeks prior to start of booking – 75% of full cost of holiday
within 2 – 0 weeks prior to start of booking – 100% of full cost of holiday
05. To accept that should the property, subsequent to booking, become unavailable through any cause, the owner’s liability is limited to the amount of any rent paid.
06. To accept that the responsibility for personal property of guests occupying the accommodation is solely theirs. All vehicles are also left at the guests’ risk. Also guests agree to absolve the Property Owner of any responsibility for any accident or mishap to persons or property whilst on the premises or whilst engaged in any activity therein, or from any illness or injury arising from any cause whatsoever.
07. To use the property solely for its purpose as self-catering accommodation and to accept the owner’s right to refuse to hand over the property to any person deemed unsuitable to take charge. Causing a nuisance or disturbance to neighbours or unreasonable behaviour may result in the owners’ asking guests to leave.
08. To allow the owners or agents access to the property at all reasonable times.
09. To respect and look after their accommodation during their stay and to leave the property clean and tidy, with full inventory. To reimburse the owner for any breakages, loss or damage, other than those due to fair wear and tear. Also to accept the owner’s discretionary £25 charge for extra cleaning if the property has been left in an untidy mess.
10. To vacate the property by 10.00 hrs. latest on the final day of let, unless otherwise agreed with the owners. Guest arrival time is from 16.00 hrs. onwards.

11. Guests to keep noise to a minimum between the hours of 10pm and 7am